Woven PP bags are a popular type of packaging to contain products from 5kg - 50kg. In addition to containing products in a safe way, woven pp bags can also help inner products to be moist, waterproof, or leak from inside to help preserve the product better. There are 2 types of PP bags that perform well above functions:

However, in reality, in the process of receiving information about customers' needs. Louispack recognizes that customers are often confused about the two products, so please give some information to help customers easily distinguish the two types of bags.

1. The same point

The surface of the two types of bags are covered with a layer of adhesive film with woven PP fabric. So the bag can be cut with a cutlery without shedding, the cut is flat.

The film covers the whole body of the bag to make it waterproof and moisture proof. However, when finished packing in the bag will still slightly.

2. Differences

Comparison table


Coat PP Woven Bag

Laminate PP Woven Bag


The coating has the main function of covering the surface of the bag, the woven PP fabric will be covered by a layer of PP glue. Coated PP woven bags may not print or can only flexo print with monochrome print content, vector images and relative sharpness.

OPP film is a high-class printing film for gravure printing. Therefore, OPP PP bags will be printed and printed content will be gravure printed with real pictures and sharp details.


Coated pp woven bags can be coated inside or outside. Where the coating outside the bag will be certain gloss or matte (depending on the type of glue coated.

PP woven bags are OPP woven bags, OPP films are always on the outside, they have higher gloss or matt and higher aesthetics than coated PP woven bags.

Production process

PP woven fabric will be coated with glue to create coated pp woven bag, then print flexo directly on the bag. Therefore, the working time of coated PP bags will be faster than that of OPP woven bags.

For OPP woven PP woven bags, OPP film will be gravure printed before joining. Therefore, the working time of OPP laminated woven bags will be longer than coated PP woven bags.


Coated PP woven products are more flexible in terms of quantities.

With gravure printing technology, it is necessary to print the entire OPP film roll, so the PP woven OPP film will have to produce a certain quantity depending on the size of the OPP film and the roll.


Coated PP woven bags will cost much lower than OPP woven PP bags

OPP woven PP woven bags will cost much higher than coated PP woven bags, because the high price of OPP film and gravure printing technology will make production cost higher. However, it also creates more advanced packaging products.

If you need a packaging solution that contains good products, waterproof, moisture-proof, simple printing with cost-saving package, you just need to order woven PP bag with flexo printing. In addition, OPP laminated woven PP packaging will help customers have a safe, beautiful and competitive packaging solution compared to similar products in the sales.


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