The trend of using coated, laminated, paper-laminated PP woven packaging products... is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the fields of packaging agricultural products, chemicals, non-ferrous metal wrapping, …

TTC Packing's large format laminating machine

TTC PACKING currently produces coated/laminated PP woven products, and large-format lamination coating processing services to serve industrial packaging such as:

  • Large-format sheets/pieces: Ensure high waterproofing properties, keeping goods preserved in the best way.
  • Wrapping sheets (bales/rolls): Large-format wrappers/rolls are used to wrap and preserve materials as well as protect the product surface from deformation during transportation.
  • Making shopping bags: Used to produce shopping bags. In addition to good waterproofing, they also contribute to increasing the aesthetics of the product.
  • Making jumbo bags: Applied in the production of jumbo bags with a design that helps the bags withstand high loads and have good bearing capacity.

Understanding the market's need for large-format laminated packaging products - TTC Packing currently provides large-format laminating processing services, especially using the JB coating machine - model DK 2000 with specific parameters. following form:

  • Coated raw material: LDPE (low density PE), PP (coated plastic)
  • Working materials: PP woven fabric, paper, lamination
  • Coated film thickness: 20-30g/m2
  • Coated film width: 800mm - 1600mm
  • Extrusion oil capacity: 200kg/hour
  • Design machine speed: 80m/min

Large format packaging service at TTC Packing

If you want to use the service of machining large metal coating machines and need further advice, please contact:

Hotline: 0961 416 688



TTC PACKING - One of the leading units operating in the field of production and trade of industrial packaging products: Jumbo bags, PP woven bags, coated PP bags,... Especially, for packaging products Jumbo, we are known as a reputable, quality supplier and one of the units with full quality control equipment and safety factor (SF) testing according to regulations for industrial packaging.

TTC Packing's force testing machine

We currently provide SF safety factor testing service with Jumbo packaging, helping customers and partners in the packaging industry check and adjust packaging quality according to needs. Helps your business save time, costs and is the key to affirming the quality of your products.

Top 3 reasons why your business should choose TTC PACKING's Jumbo KESHAR FIBC Bag Test Rig - BTR 30 bag force testing service

  1. Meets international standards: Our Jumbo bag force tester complies with international standards for SF safety factor testing, is tested and confirmed.
  2. Providing accurate load information: The tester is periodically calibrated and tested, ensuring accurate, independent and secure results.
  3. Automation: The system automates testing and returns results online on the dashboard, helping you easily track information without much effort.

Technical specifications of Jumbo bag testing machine: KESHAR FIBC Bag Test Rig - BTR 30

  • Length: 170cm
  • Width: 170cm
  • Height: 820cm
  • Oil tank capacity: 350-400 liters
  • Power supply: 7.5hp, 3Ph, 50hz, 1440Rpm, A/C motor
  • Maximum machine capacity: 30 Tons
  • Maximum operating pressure: 170 bar
  • Electric panel: Fully automatic
  • Machine control: Computer control by PLC program
  • Granule filling function: Automatic filling by pneumatic system
  • Web Camera: Take photos automatically (before and after testing)
  • Test report: Automatically generated, printout available

If you want to use the Jumbo bag force testing machine service and need further advice, please contact:

Hotline: 0961 416 688