Recycled packaging is a familiar concept in any country. Besides reducing costs and environmental pollution, recycled packaging is increasingly being used in our daily lives.

So how do we recognize which type of recycled packaging it is, how to use it, and whether it affects our health? Let's explore some common symbols with TTC Packing:

Tìm hiểu về các ký hiệu tái chế bao bì
Tìm hiểu về các ký hiệu tái chế bao bì

Currently, there are 7 commonly used types:

  1. 1: PET plastic (polyethylene terephthalate) can be recycled but needs to be cleaned
  2. 2: HDPE plastic can be recycled
  3. 3: PVC plastic is highly toxic and cannot be recycled
  4. 4: LDPE plastic - polyethylene can be recycled
  5. 5: PP plastic (polypropylene) can be recycled
  6. 6: PS plastic (polystyrene) is toxic and cannot be recycled
  7. 7: PC plastic cannot be recycled

For low-quality plastic packaging, there will be no ISO quality certification (International Organization for Standardization) recognized by the logo on the product packaging. Therefore, you need to learn more symbols to choose safe and high-quality packaging products. Currently, some packaging products may have a scan code for checking, so remember to pay attention to its code when purchasing packaging.

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