​PP fertilizer bags usually come in three types: single woven PP bags, coated PP bags and OPP laminated woven PP bags. The weaving method used is checkered.

50kg fertilizer bags with colored backgrounds use regular PP checkered weave, ensuring quality according to the customer's required standards.

The production process and quality control for PP woven bags ensure the bags meet the standards set by the KCS team.

Using flexo printing technology with simple printed content is often used to store commercial fertilizers domestically and for export. Using gravure printing technology to print images with high quality and aesthetics to create a high-end product, a product with an attractive design.

Common bag specifications are usually sewn on the bottom with 2 threads, open mouth, with or without a PE cage depending on the customer's needs.

In addition, the company is currently developing products with a boat bottom shape for OPP laminated bags, to help save costs and expenses while still ensuring the required load capacity for the bags.


  • PP fertilizer bags are often used to store fertilizer with a volume of 25kg, or 50kg.
  • PP fertilizer bags for both domestic and export use.
  • PP woven bags are considered a type of packaging with good mechanical properties are safe to contain during storage and meet domestic and export standards.
  • Depending on the needs of use and the nature of the goods inside, we have many choices in the structure of PP bags to ensure optimal strength, packaging aesthetics, or cost savings.