Woven PP bags laminated with OPP (Oriented PolyPropylene) film, also known as BOPP (Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene) bags, belong to the high-end product group in the PP bag line. Manufactured using Flexo and Gravure printing technology, along with a Strarlinger machine system according to European standards, this product ensures high aesthetics and outstanding quality.


  • PP woven fabric + PP coated glue + OPP (Oriented PolyPropylene) film.
  • The woven PP fabric layer has a load-bearing effect.
  • The PP adhesive layer has the effect of attaching the OPP film to the woven PP fabric.
  • The OPP film layer is used for gravure printing for sharp and vivid printing content. At the same time, the OPP film layer also helps waterproof, moisture-proof and enhance the physical and mechanical properties of the bag.