1. What is a jumbo bag (FIBC)?

Jumbo bag, or FIBC, Big bag, Bulk bag is a type of large-sized packaging capable of containing large weights of different materials and products, mainly in the form of granules, powders, or even blocks. The most common types of goods stored in jumbo bags include powders, fertilizers, plastic granules, cement,...

Jumbo bags at TTC Packing are made from high-strength polypropylene beads, large capacity, and good bearing capacity.

Jumbo bags at TTC Packing are made from high-strength polypropylene beads, large capacity, and good bearing capacity.

2. Structure of jumbo bag

Jumbo bags are usually composed of:

  • The mouth/lid of the bag is the top part used to close the bag and prevent the products and goods inside from falling out.
  • Bag body: is the part containing the product, square or round, usually made from heavy-duty polypropylene fabric.
  • Straps and buckles: to fix and hook the crane and forklift to lift and move jumbo bags.
  • Bag bottoms often come in many different types.
  • Filling pipes/exhaust valves are often designed at the lid and bottom of the bag depending on the need to easily pack or discharge the product from the bag when needed.
  • The load capacity of jumbo bags is from: 500kg - 2500 kg.

3. Applications of jumbo bags

Jumbo bags are widely used in storing and transporting goods and products in many different industries. You can easily come across jumbo bags used to store:

  • Agricultural raw materials such as paddy, rice, flour, cornstarch, coffee, pepper, and animal feed.
  • Chemicals, minerals: lime.
  • Construction materials such as cement, coal powder, ...
  • Or even sawdust, wood pulp, paper pulp, nuts...

4. Types of jumbo bags

There are many different types of jumbo bags, classified based on the lid, bottom, and straps. But the most popular and popular according to TTC Packing's experience in cooperation with partners are the following types.

According to the structure of jumbo bags, bags with filling tubes and discharge bottoms are often the most popular for both easy loading and discharging of products when needed. Next, bags with hoods combined with discharge bottoms or flat bottoms are also quite popular. In addition, bags with a 3-sided open mouth and a closed flat bottom are also widely chosen. In addition, bags with anti-bulge baffles + intake tubes + discharge bottoms are also useful suggestions that many people choose.

Bags with 4 handles for forklifts and cranes are the most popular. However, there are still some companies that choose jumbo bags with 2 handles.

5. Why should you use jumbo bags from TTC Packing?

Jumbo bags from TTC Packing are very diverse, meeting all needs.

Jumbo bags from TTC Packing are very diverse, meeting all needs.

TTC Packing is a reputable brand with 25 years of experience in the field of plastic packaging production, providing high-quality jumbo bags. By choosing jumbo bags from TTC Packing, you will receive the following benefits:

Various types of jumbo bags, depending on customer needs. Jumbo bags at TTC Packing are designed with many types of lids, bottoms, straps, and accessories in many sizes to be able to accommodate the storage of many different types of goods.

The factory scale has an area of ​​more than 54,000 m2, production capacity of 1000 tons/month, so you can be completely assured not to fear lack of output.

Manufactured on modern lines, with technology imported from Europe, quality is guaranteed, all jumbo bags are made from Polypropylene (PP) granules for high durability, reuse many times and safety. completely for the environment.

Dedicated and professional customer support service, ready to advise on the most suitable and cost-effective solution.

TTC Packing applies ISO 9001-2015 quality management standards and HACCP food safety management system to meet the majority of food industries such as sugar, MSG, flour, tapioca, rice, etc. .

TTC Packing's jumbo packaging is a versatile and effective packaging solution for many different fields of industry. With high quality, large capacity, diverse applications, and dedicated service, TTC Packing's products are the top choice for businesses that need quality packaging solutions. Don't forget to contact us immediately for detailed advice: 0961 416 688.