TTC PACKING - One of the leading entities in the field of manufacturing and trading industrial packaging products such as Jumbo bags, woven PP bags, coated PP bags,... Particularly, when it comes to Jumbo bags, we are recognized as a reputable and high-quality supplier, and one of the few entities “equipped with complete quality control tools and safety factor (SF) inspection according to industrial packaging regulations”.

Currently, we offer SF safety factor testing services for Jumbo packaging, assisting our customers and partners in the packaging industry in quality testing and adjustment as needed. This helps your business save time, costs, and serves as the key to affirming the quality of your products.

 Jumbo bag strength testing machine at TTC PACKING
Jumbo bag strength testing machine at TTC PACKING

Top 3 reasons why your business should choose the Jumbo Bag strength testing service with TTC PACKING's KESHAR FIBC Bag Test Rig - BTR 30

  1. International standards compliance: Our Jumbo Bag strength testing machine adheres to international standards for testing the Safety Factor (SF), which are verified and confirmed.
  2. Accurate load information: The testing machine is regularly calibrated and inspected to ensure it provides accurate, independent, and secure results.
  3. Automation: The automated testing system provides real-time results on the control panel, making it easy for you to monitor information without much effort.

Technical Specifications of Jumbo Bag Testing Machine: KESHAR FIBC Bag Test Rig - BTR 30

  • Length: 170cm
  • Width: 170cm
  • Height: 820cm
  • Oil Tank Capacity: 350-400 liters
  • Power Pack: 7.5hp, 3Ph, 50hz, 1440 Rpm, A/C Motor
  • Machine max. Capacity: 30 Ton
  • Operating Pressure: Max. 170 bar
  • Electrical panel board: Fully Automatic
  • Machine Control: Computer control with PLC program
  • Granules Filling: Auto filling with pneumatic system
  • 1 No. Web Camera: Photo capture automatically (before test and after test)
  • Test Report: Auto generated, with print out

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