To meet quality standards requiring specific care and preservation processes, farmers must adhere to certain standards. Specifically, when banana bunches begin to fruit, growers often use perforated banana wraps to protect the bunches from external environmental factors such as insects and sunlight.

In addition to preserving the natural color and preventing sunburn, using perforated wraps also helps stimulate even fruit development, enhancing aesthetics.

TTC Packing
Bao trùm chuối của TTC Packing

1. Top 5 reasons why TTC Packing's banana wraps have become the number one companion for farmers/agricultural producers today:

TTC Packing's banana wraps are made from virgin PE plastic, offering high durability and good resistance to sunlight and heat.

They prevent the harmful effects of UV rays, sunlight, and salt mist, thereby reducing common issues like sunburn and cracking of bananas.

Considered a reliable ally for farmers, these wraps protect young banana bunches from external environmental conditions such as bacteria, insects, and pests (flies, spiders, birds, squirrels, rats, etc.), ensuring the best quality of the fruit.

Using high-quality PE banana wraps from TTC Packing confirms product safety for consumers by minimizing the need for pesticide usage.

Banana wraps also promote even fruit development, quicker ripening, larger size, and more efficient harvesting.
Enhancing aesthetics and productivity
Enhancing aesthetics and productivity

2. When is the best time to use PE banana wraps?

Ideal time for using banana wraps
Thời điểm sử dụng bao trùm chuối thích hợp nhất

The ideal time to use banana wraps is when the fruit begins to curve upward. Farmers should tightly tie the upper part of the bag and fully open the bottom part, resembling a sleeve.

3. Guidelines for using banana wraps correctly and effectively:

Once the fruit starts to curve, farmers should spray plant protection products to eliminate harmful insects or pests.

After spraying, wait for the fruit to dry completely before wrapping. Wrapping should be completed within 2 to 3 days, avoiding prolonged exposure and ensuring complete dryness.

Insert the banana wrap from the bottom upwards to cover the fruit entirely. Then, tie the wrap snugly around the stem at the upper end and open the mouth of the bag at the bottom.

Instructions for using banana wraps
Hướng dẫn cách sử dụng bao trùm chuối

Nowadays, the use of PE banana wraps has become indispensable for Vietnamese farmers and agricultural producers, contributing to increased revenue and asserting the quality of Vietnamese agricultural products worldwide.

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