The trend of using coated woven PP packaging products, laminated with OPP film, paper, and more, is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the fields of agricultural packaging, chemicals, and colorful metal wrapping.

TTC PACKING currently manufactures coated/laminated woven PP products and offers large-format laminating and bonding services to serve industrial packaging needs, including:

  1. Large-width lamination: Ensuring high waterproofing properties and optimal preservation of goods.
  2. Wrapping sheets (rolls/pieces) are used to cover and protect materials, as well as to prevent producing from surfaces from deforming during transportation, using large-format laminated/bonded sheets.
  3. Manufacturing sturdy shopping bags: Used to produce various types of shopping bags, these products not only offer excellent waterproofing capabilities but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the products.
  4. Manufacturing jumbo bags: Applied in the production of jumbo bags with designs that enable them to withstand high loads and exhibit strong load-bearing capabilities.

Understanding the market demand for large-format laminated and bonded packaging products, TTC Packing provides large-format laminating services, especially using the JB laminating machine - model DK 2000, with the following specific parameters:

  1. Laminating materials: LDPE (low-density polyethylene), PP (plastic coating)
  2. Working materials: Woven PP fabric, paper, laminated film
  3. Laminating film thickness: 20-30g/m2
  4. Laminating film width: 800mm - 1600mm
  5. Extrusion capacity: 200kg/hour
  6. Machine design speed: 80m/minute


Máy tráng JB - model DK 200
JB Coating Machine - Model DK 200

Máy tráng manh khổ lớn tại TTCPACKING
Large-scale coating machine at TTC PACKING

TTCP sở hữu máy tráng manh khổ lớn hiện đại

TTC PACKING owns modern large-scale coating machines

máy gia công ttc


Ứng dụng từ máy tráng manh khổ lớn
Applications of large-scale coating machines 

Máy tráng manh khổ lớn được ứng dụng làm manh bọc (kiện/cuộn)
Large-scale coating machines are applied to produce coated sheets (packaged in pallets/rolls)

Ứng dụng từ máy tráng manh khổ lớn
Applications of large-scale coating machines

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